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Earthquakes view for Windows 8

This application shows recent earthquakes worldwide. You can order the list by time, magnitude or distance from your location. Click on any item in the list to center the earthquake on the map or click on a pushpin to highlight the item in the list. Click on the list title to change the magnitude or order. You can order by time (age), magnitude or distance from your current location. The application features full screen map and a live tile.

A few application screenshots:

screenshot_10182013_194641 screenshot_10182013_194851

There is a similar application for Windows Phone.

Advertisements for Windows 8 is a simple application that brings you latest anecdotes, aphorisms, stories from This application is for Russian speaking users only. You can share a new anecdote or story with your friends using share charm. The app also provides a live tile with a sneak peak into first few anecdotes from a randomly selected category. The application also has an analog for Windows Phone with the same look-and-feel. это простое приложение которое приносит вам последние анекдоты, афоризмы, истории с сайта Вы можете поделиться понравившимся новым анекдотом с друзьями используя share charm. Приложение так же предоставляет live tile на которой представлены несколько анекдотов из случайно выбранной категории.

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CBS News WP7 Application

The CBS News brings daily CBS News video and audio podcasts to your Windows Phone 7. Watch and listen to 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, Face The Nation and other podcasts. Simply choose your favorite show and select a podcast to watch or listen to.


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my kind of place

This application will help you manage your favorite places and find new place that you might like. Forgot where you had that tasty Picking duck? Want to find nice Sushi place nearby? Want to share your favorite trout creek with your friends? It’s never been easier.
It does not have to be a restaurant or a business, manage the fun places, shops, hotels, parks, campgrounds, fishing places or anything you like. A place does not even need to have an address. It may be located deep in the forest with no roads 🙂
Find new places using Bing local search, find out where exactly is it, instantly get directions. See what other people have to say about these places. Give a place your own personal rating. Nobody knows better what your kind of place is.
You can easily call a place to make a reservation or an appointment, e-mail for information, visit their web site or take a look at the menu (if it indeed happens to be a restaurant).
Take pictures of the places you like and visually search later. Share places with your friends. Invite them over to check it out.
If you’d like to suggest a feature or to report a bug, please send an e-mail or visit a web site.

Below are some screenshots fo the application. Note that screenshots are taken from the emulator and some standard pictures were use that have nothing to do with your places. Just an example.

BART Essentials

The application is to assist you in use of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). It does not matter if you use BART every day or just occasionally, you will find this application useful.

The design ideology behind the application is to present maximum amount of useful data with minimal interaction with the application user interface. The everyday use of the application does not really require much input from you.

Besides showing schedules as you would expect from any similar application, it also provides you with the information that will get you on BART in time, including trains ETA for the nearest stations, audio ETA announcements (you know, the usual ‘9 car train to Daly City in 7 minutes’) and estimated time you need to get to the station (drive or walk).

If you happen to be away from your usual stations, this application can show you directions to nearby stations.

Advanced functionality includes live BART map where you can select a station and set it as origination or destination or simply get directions to that station from your current location.

The full list of features includes:
– Nearby stations based on your current location
– Distance, drive time and walk time to nearby stations
– One click directions to nearby stations
– Distance and estimated time to the origination station (drive or walk)
– Live ETA for the nearest station
– Audio ETA announcements based on station proximity
– Schedule information to get from one station to another, including transfers, fare and bikes information
– Schedule update for the next 4 trains in real time
– Trains you’ve already missed (red), next train your will be able to catch (orange), later trains you can definitely catch (green)
– Adjust departure or arrival time if you need to ride later
– Interactive BART map using Bing Maps – you can see BART cars from space 🙂
– Driving or walking directions to any BART station
– Delay and elevator status advisories


Below are some screenshots of the application:

Visual search application with IQEngines

This is a visual search application for Windows Phone 7. It’s still experimental, but works well. Take a picture using your phone’s camera, label it using IQEngine’s image recognition platform and search Bing for it. The image recognition engine works great and labels everything. For some images it can even provide ISDN or UPC. It works best for books, CDs, magazines, product labels, etc. Anything that does have a unique identity. Oh, yes, to complete the picture it can tell you when search results are ready and what they are. And I mean with human voice.

The following are application screenshots. Note that it looks different on the phone and provides real thumbnail images in recent search results.

I’m still thinking what use it can be to an average consumer except for it’s pure coolness… Also the IQEngine’s service is not free, which is understandable, but this is somehow needs to be paid for by the application users.

Recent Earthquakes

This simple application shows list of earthquakes worldwide for the last 7 days. It uses USGS rss feeds to get the information. It also uses location services to show the distance to each epicenter from your current location. Click on any item in the list to open the map page.

Application screenshots:

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