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Earthquakes view for Windows 8

This application shows recent earthquakes worldwide. You can order the list by time, magnitude or distance from your location. Click on any item in the list to center the earthquake on the map or click on a pushpin to highlight the item in the list. Click on the list title to change the magnitude or order. You can order by time (age), magnitude or distance from your current location. The application features full screen map and a live tile.

A few application screenshots:

screenshot_10182013_194641 screenshot_10182013_194851

There is a similar application for Windows Phone.

Advertisements for Windows 8 is a simple application that brings you latest anecdotes, aphorisms, stories from This application is for Russian speaking users only. You can share a new anecdote or story with your friends using share charm. The app also provides a live tile with a sneak peak into first few anecdotes from a randomly selected category. The application also has an analog for Windows Phone with the same look-and-feel. это простое приложение которое приносит вам последние анекдоты, афоризмы, истории с сайта Вы можете поделиться понравившимся новым анекдотом с друзьями используя share charm. Приложение так же предоставляет live tile на которой представлены несколько анекдотов из случайно выбранной категории.

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