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my kind of place

This application will help you manage your favorite places and find new place that you might like. Forgot where you had that tasty Picking duck? Want to find nice Sushi place nearby? Want to share your favorite trout creek with your friends? It’s never been easier.
It does not have to be a restaurant or a business, manage the fun places, shops, hotels, parks, campgrounds, fishing places or anything you like. A place does not even need to have an address. It may be located deep in the forest with no roads 🙂
Find new places using Bing local search, find out where exactly is it, instantly get directions. See what other people have to say about these places. Give a place your own personal rating. Nobody knows better what your kind of place is.
You can easily call a place to make a reservation or an appointment, e-mail for information, visit their web site or take a look at the menu (if it indeed happens to be a restaurant).
Take pictures of the places you like and visually search later. Share places with your friends. Invite them over to check it out.
If you’d like to suggest a feature or to report a bug, please send an e-mail or visit a web site.

Below are some screenshots fo the application. Note that screenshots are taken from the emulator and some standard pictures were use that have nothing to do with your places. Just an example.


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