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Visual search application with IQEngines

This is a visual search application for Windows Phone 7. It’s still experimental, but works well. Take a picture using your phone’s camera, label it using IQEngine’s image recognition platform and search Bing for it. The image recognition engine works great and labels everything. For some images it can even provide ISDN or UPC. It works best for books, CDs, magazines, product labels, etc. Anything that does have a unique identity. Oh, yes, to complete the picture it can tell you when search results are ready and what they are. And I mean with human voice.

The following are application screenshots. Note that it looks different on the phone and provides real thumbnail images in recent search results.

I’m still thinking what use it can be to an average consumer except for it’s pure coolness… Also the IQEngine’s service is not free, which is understandable, but this is somehow needs to be paid for by the application users.


Recent Earthquakes

This simple application shows list of earthquakes worldwide for the last 7 days. It uses USGS rss feeds to get the information. It also uses location services to show the distance to each epicenter from your current location. Click on any item in the list to open the map page.

Application screenshots:

Rambler News

This simple Windows Phone 7 application brings you latest news from This application is for Russian speaking users only.


To suggest a feature or report a bug please post comment here or e-mail is a simple application that brings you latest anekdots, aphorisms, stories from This application is for Russian speaking users only.



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My check list

My check list is a simple application for Windows Phone 7 that lets you manage multiple checklists like things you have to do at work or at home, shopping lists, wish lists and more.

Each list can be setup with a distinctive background for easy navigation. The items on the list can be automatically reordered as they are checked. This comes handy for shopping lists. Next time you run through the same store your items are in the same order you picked them up last time.

To navigate through the lists simply flick the pages left or right. To scroll items flick up or down. Tap and hold on the item to edit it.

Here are some screenshots:


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CNN podcasts

The CNN podcasts is a simple application that brings daily CNN video and audio podcasts to your Windows Phone 7. Watch Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King live, The CNN daily and more. Simply choose your favorite show and select a podcast to watch or listen to.



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